The Most Iconic Perfumes in History


Fashion changes as do various trends and people’s opinions. However, the classic stays the same. Today, we’ll discuss the most classic and iconic fragrances in the world that you can still buy nowadays.

5 perfumes you need to know about

  1. Surely, the most popular perfume in the world is Chanel No.5. It was made especially for Coco Chanel’s request by Ernest Beaux. This is a very complicated scent with many ingredients and its popularity is only growing by the day. Some researchers state that one bottle of this scent is sold every 30 seconds. Buy yourself a bottle of classic perfume at
  2. You’ve also probably heard about L’Air by Nina Ricci. Created to celebrate the peace on Earth after World War II, it’s still considered classics. The bottle itself is like a work of art with the doves on top.
  3. Another phenomenal perfume is called Joy Perfume by Jean Patou. Its status or an iconic fragrance came along with a great story. The perfumer invented it after the Wall Street market crashed. It’s was a pricey one but still cheaper than couture making it one of the best-sold perfume in history.
  4. Miss Dior as we know it now differs from the original scent and yet it has the status of an iconic perfume. It brought back to Paris the title of the fashion capital and is still sold. Look for Miss Dior Classic or Original to get the initial version.
  5. Guerlain is one of the most well-known perfume-makers in history. No wonder it’s Shalimar got so popular. The classic scent is used by many celebrities like Kate Moss.
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The Types of Marketing Platforms


There is no other way to promote your business than advertising. Nowadays, there are so many various ways to approach advertising. Depending on how you plan to advertise your product, service, business, etc. there are several marketing platforms. They were created to help your business get famous on social media and all over the web.

The classification of marketing platforms

The most effective is considered a display advertising platform. It allows to research the products and targeted audience as well as find good traffic. They support any visual advertisements and can work with voice and video messages.

Another type is a mobile platform. This is a simple way to advertise since most people nowadays spend much time in their smartphones. The statistics show that this is the most likely place a person can notice an ad because a person uses a mobile device even when sitting in front of the TV.

A multi-level approach to marketing

Lately, people have started using a multi platform marketing. They cross-promote their brand or business and maximize the engagement this way. One of the ways to do it is to offer exclusive content on a certain platform. You can also cooperate with influencers, send emails, etc.

When you decide to have an online business or make your offline business more popular, the best results will come from a complex approach. Take advantage of the marketing platforms to help you grow your company.

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