Key benefits when using push notifications


Before discussing the main advantages, it is important to know that these notifications are directly related to the user. That is, you directly refer to a user who can be your client with some probability. Let’s consider all the advantages of using push notifications.

Benefits of using push ads

Here are the main benefits of using push ads and the push advertising network.

#1 No spam

Push ads don’t contain folders for spam, which is a great advantage. When you send a warning to a user that can contain information about marketing, they will see it at once when opening the browser or when it’s convenient for them in accordance to how you defined it.

#2 High registration ratio

The ratio of registration is the ratio of the number of users to the site, the number of times users can connect to the website. If the notification was demonstrated to 100 users, and only 50 of them registered, then the ratio of registration is 50%.

#3 High response rate

The click rate is the number of clicks of users who’ve already logged into the service when they were shown a push message. The click rate of instant alerts is 4 times higher than by e-mail.

#4 Encouraging user interaction

There is a difference between applications/sites without push notifications and those who have this option. Ads make users interact more actively with your company, regardless of whether you provide them with important info, a new possibility, or something else.

#5 Customer retention and service

Those who have bought from you are already loyal clients of your company and can buy from you again. When your clients subscribe to the website, you can give them new services/products, free goods, respond to the requests, and much more.

#6 Cheap costs

Push ads are a cheaper marketing tool in comparison with other methods such as a search engine or social media ads. You can measure how much you spend by installing different online sponsorship campaigns.

#7 Improve the traffic of the website

When you turn on the article publication, the first users who can read it are those connected to this website. After you post the video on YouTube, your subscribers will be the first to see it. Facebook also works this way.

Thus, push notifications are a crucial instrument, particularly if you post articles and other info on your site.


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