Mineralt – boosting websites and earning money


Mineralt is one of the leading mining services nowadays. It has a big number of clients and its features can make you decide to join the service. Do you want to make money with Then read the article and learn the details!

What’s new on Mineralt?

As the company is constantly developing, it offers more and more for us to use. For example, now you can see your profit in USD along with the coins. It allows you to control the mining process not to miss something beneficial. Next, Mineralt has given the clients the opportunity to build their own sources of mining. They are absolutely free in their innovations and can place the earning scripts wherever they want.

The features Mineralt has:

  • Payments every 24 hours;
  • The API allowing to mine from an app;
  • Security and guarantee to stay undetected;
  • A modern affiliate program;
  • The absence of any extra fees;
  • Freedom in choosing cryptocurrencies.

What sources can you mine from?

There are many ways to become rich with Mineralt. You can stream videos, invent online games, use mobile apps and get browser extensions to mine crypto coins. You just need to place a script in your creation and within a day you get a reward. And recently this thing started to work on Android, so it’s one more way to mine.

To sum up, we can tell that these features and benefits aren’t everything Mineralt has. On their website, you can get much more information. And these things are just basics. We hope it made you interested and one day you’ll join Mineralt – the prospective mining project.


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