Who Needs to Buy a Proxy Server?


Proxy Servers are essential for many professions. It doesn’t really matter if you are a SEO specialist, a beginner in any business, or simply have a blog. Proxies are going to be handy to all the categories and play a very important role. They act as an intermediate between your PC and the website you wish to open. One of their main features is hiding your IP address and other private information from the website’s servers. If you need to get a proxy, go to and find out more information.
Let’s focus on some popular Internet-focused professions and why those specialists need to get a proxy server. First of all, competitor analysts need to learn more about proxies. When tracking a competitor’s website activities, it’s very important to hide your data so that the website doesn’t know who and why visits them. Otherwise, a rival can become aware that he’s been followed by tracing the source. Using a proxy server is probably the safest way to stay invisible to the competitors’ websites.
What’s more, a digital marketer needs a proxy in order to run several social media accounts at the same time. If the access requests come from the same source, the site’s server can blacklist the IP under the impression of the suspicious activity.
People who work online all around the world sometimes need proxy servers to hide their geolocation. Sometimes it’s because of the need for specific content, sometimes for other reasons. For instance, when you need to get the inside information on Canada and you don’t reside there, you can hide your IP by a Canadian one and get the data you need. Go to to learn more.
If a person owns a business in the niche of research and their multiple computers share the IP address, the search engines might crash or blacklist your PCs since numerous similar requests will come from the IP address.
If you belong to any of these categories, you definitely need a proxy server. This will help you do the job more hustle-free and there’ll be no reason to worry about your IP address being tracked back to you or blacklisted. The globalization makes these professions even more alluring and people like working online more. So, it’s always wise to use a proxy to hide the real location or use the location you need at the moment.

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Choosing the Best Bpm App Out of 5 Great Options


The success of businesses has always depended on different factors, including responsible employers, smart management, quality of products, etc., and today there is also another thing that contributes to this matter — quality BPM software. If you do not use any platform for automating business processes, your competitors will be several steps ahead. Another crucial factor is choosing the most quality, reliable and convenient software product for your business. We have selected 5 great options that you should consider in order to choose the best BPM app.

Check out the best BPM app by bpm’online because it has been designed for making your business prosperous and your life better.

Its main features include:

  • Document database allows you to manage your documents easily with bpm’online sales, including tracking, specifying types, linking them to objects, attaching scans/copies, creating, and more;
  • Communication panel allows you to be able to communicate with customers and employees right from the system using different contact options, such as phone, emails, social network, and others;
  • Site event tracking allows obtaining data about site paths, time spent on the website/page, and visits to pages.



It is a simple solution for organizing and controlling internal processes. It reduces hassle, paperwork, and countless email threads.

It allows you to do the following:


  • Defining any process as a list of tasks, which means no more overwhelming diagrams;
  • Making internal processes available to all employees;
  • Enjoying the clear view on all active processes.



ProcessGene is the leading developer of BPM software products. It can become the best BPM app for you if you are looking for a comprehensive app allowing managing, controlling, and improving business processes. The developer has a range of BPM solutions, including the following:


  • Process mapping;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Enterprise architecture;
  • Requirements management;
  • Request for proposal software;
  • Process improvement;
  • Process change management;
  • Enterprise resource planning implementation and rollout;
  • Task Management.


Oracle BPM Suite


This software simplifies the management process allowing quicker realize time-to-value, leverage real-time data through process analytics, conduct effective case management, and more.


Its functionality includes the following:


  • Business architecture designer;
  • Real-time metrics;
  • Prompt process modeling, other features.



This platform has all chances to become your best BPM app because it allows enjoying a range of convenient and useful tools for the following:


  • Designing workflow patterns;
  • Operating fast;
  • Monitoring a busy workload;
  • Measuring performance accurately;
  • Automate processes based on metrics.
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