Run 3 unblocked – a perfect game to play in school


Help the Martian to save his life in the Run 3 unblocked game. This running game is a continuation of the Run and Run 2 games that were very successful with many players. You can play this game online for free without registering. This is a great game that you can play at school.

A great school game Run 3 unblocked

Even though the plot of the Run 3 unblocked game is strange, it is an exciting game to play. When the aliens left the planet in order to find a different one where they could leave, they entered a tunnel. While running and walking through the tunnel, they came to a conclusion that there was no other planet they could live on and the only way for them to save their lives was to run and jump through the tunnel.

The game has 2 modes – the Infinite mode and the Explore mode. Both modes are very popular among many players. You can choose the mode you like. For example, you’ll see the tunnel at every end in the Infinite mode of the game and you’re going to pass through the levels of the game walking continuously through the tunnel and scoring. In the Explore mode, there are obstacles that would stop you from running such as holes, which you need to avoid just stay on track.


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