What is Aqualyx and How Does It Work?


The Aqualyx preparation is a modern one. It contributes to the selective change in the amount of fat on the patient’s body. The key advantage of the composition is that it does not damage the superficial skin layers and tissues of muscle structures. It is made on the basis of advanced technique that does not provoke weight loss and makes it possible for it to act locally.

Detailed Description

The preparation is intended for performing intralipotherapy procedures. It is a compound for injection destruction of fat cells through the use of such substances as lipolitics (they have fat burning properties). As there is no need for preparatory activities and rehabilitation, this procedure is called “office liposuction”.

Traditionally, the formation of fat depots occurs during puberty as a result of the endocrine gland option rearrangement. This ensures additional synthesis of hormones. When this stage is over, they lose their importance for the body. Therefore, diets, exercise and other methods of influence affect exclusively the state of the subcutaneous fat, ignoring the fat deposits.

This technique was created specifically so that the drug could provide a selective effect on fat tissues. It does not affect the skin and muscles. It must be introduced by using a special flexible laser-sharpened needle. This is done directly in the area of fat deposits through the use of the fan technique. As a result, one injection will be able to cover an area equal to 20 square centimeters.

Areas of the Preparation Application

Traditionally, the preparation is introduced into the following zones and areas:

• upper arm;

• folds in the area of the back;

• belly;

• body sides;

• waist;

• thighs (the outer and inner surfaces);

• patellae;

• chin;

• posterior triangle of the neck;

• upper part of the spinal column.

The Effect of the Procedure

Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to get rid of excess volumes. The bends of the body become expressive. The skin becomes as smooth and elastic as possible. It acquires its normal appearance and becomes well-groomed.

Benefits of Using the Preparation

The product is recommended for use because of its numerous advantages:

• absolute safety and harmlessness to health and life;

• local action and absence of toxicity;

• the possibility to control the effect of the agent on the body;

• no recovery period.

Are There Any Restrictions?

It is recommended to refrain from carrying out procedures with this preparation in the following cases:

• pregnancy and breastfeeding;

• diseases of infectious nature;

• mental disorders;

• blood clotting disorders;

• autoimmune pathologies;

• liver and kidney disorders;

• obesity;

• diabetes mellitus;

• cardiac pathology;

• liver and kidney failure;

• allergy;

• skin diseases.

Recommendations after the Procedure

After the procedure, it is recommended not to use cosmetics in the treatment area for 12 hours. Exposure to direct heat sources is inadmissible during the first week (i.e. it is forbidden to be in the sun, go to the bath or sauna).

Side Effects

Immediately after the introduction of the solution, there is a likelihood of redness of the area of the injection site, discomfort, burning and itching. All these effects can pass on their own several hours later. During the day, edema of the tissues, as well as minor hemorrhages, may persist.


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