How to keep your carpets clean: how-tos for busy families


Is it possible to keep your carpets and fresh for a long time! Sure! With these prompts of cleaning professionals, you will keep your carpets tidy with minimum efforts and in no time. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the result!

4 How-tos to keep your carpets clean

Carpets are surely the most difficult to clean things in your house. Although professional housekeeping services should be ordered regularly, we highly recommend keeping them fresh with your own efforts. What are the best ways to keep your carpets tidy? Here are the answers!

  • Use vacuuming cleaner at least once per week. Make sure to clean all parts of the carpet, including those under the furniture and sofas. This is a must-to-do household routine for all the housewives.
  • Get rid of odors. Baking soda can do miracles! Just add some soda directly to your carpet before using your vacuuming cleaner. This simple trick will help you to kill off any unpleasant scents from your rugs.
  • Remove spots as soon as they occur. The easiest way to make away with strains from your carpet is to clean it immediately. This way, use special cleaning agents as soon as you’ve noticed any spot on your rug. Don’t forget to try your new cleaning agent on a small piece of the carpet before using it on your rug.
  • Use professional cleaning. The carpet cleaning Spokane is ready to provide professional cleaning service and make your rugs fresh and tidy for affordable prices.

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