Uncontested Divorce in Florida


They say an uncontested divorce is the simplest. However, we believe it’s the divorce which hasn’t happened. Nevertheless, the divorce in question proves to be much easier and more transparent. This is a way to avoid all the hustle, money waste, and stress. In addition, it’s less time-consuming. It’s possible only if the couple fulfills all the obligations. When at least one of them is not met, they’ll have to get separated in a traditional way. Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done in order to be divorced quickly and smoothly.

Firstly, the couple mustn’t have minor kids (even adopted). What’s more, the wife mustn’t be carrying a child otherwise, it’s impossible. The resident requirement coincides with the rest of the states. A husband or a wife must reside in Florida for half a year or more. Another significant detail is alimony. Neither of them is to seek financial aid and acknowledge that their relations can’t be fixed and they wish to get on with their lives.

As a rule, when all of the above is fulfilled, the simplified dissolution of a marriage is guaranteed. The former partners are cooperating on making it the least painful.

The procedure is pretty much the same as everywhere. There is a special form entitled a Petition for Simplified Dissolution. The already-filled document has to be submitted to the clerk’s office in the county the wife (or the husband) reside. The fee is paid there but it’s not very expensive. Note that although you can come to terms on how to split what you share, it’s much more convenient and safe to put things in writing and add it to the submitted form. Another form you’ll have to fill is called a Final Judgement of Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. It’s the one a judge is going to sign to complete the process.

It’s compulsory that both partners come to the courthouse and are present when the judge is reviewing their case. In case the couple doesn’t provide settlement agreement (written and with signatures), they’ll be asked to share the oral one. If things are fine with the paperwork and they satisfy the qualifications, the judge will sign the form mentioned above and end the legal joining.

Even if it seems simple and you believe you can do it without the third-party help, it’s always better to consult a professional (online or in person). The explanation from a qualified person will definitely come in handy.


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