Album of the year: top choice for electronic music


What is the best electronic album for 2018? How can you find the greatest compositions to listen to your favorite electronic music? Find out the list of the best albums of this music genre for 2018 and enjoy quality sound with ease.

Album of the year: top electronic albums of 2018

Looking for the synthesized, programmed and beat-driven compositions? Our picks of the best electronic albums of 2018 are likely to suit even the most demanding fans of this music style. Listen download music on and keep in touch with the latest electronic compositions available at hand.

  • Kelly Moran, Ultraviolet. The album amazes with its combination of improvised piano pieces and modern classical music. Delicate music for meditation or creating a chilly atmosphere.
  • Lotic, Power. Although Lotic offers the dark electronic music, it still doesn’t sound hopeless. Chaotic and terrifying, are all about the new album.
  • Gas, Rausch. Harsh strings and beats make this album aggressive and surely powerful. The heavy and intense sound is likely to blow minds.
  • Aphex Twin, Collapse. Although this is a new album, it includes a number of the best Aphex Twin compositions since the 90s. Twitchy and funk, the new release is surely great.
  • Robyn, Honey. Club sounds, toxic synthesizers and incredible beats are offered in the new album. Must listen to all electronic music fans.
  • Low, Double Negative. Discernible lyrics with tricky meaning, sticking melodies are all about Low dreampop crew.

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