Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar as the first instrument


When selecting the first instrument for playing or making music, it is very important to clearly determine your needs and requirements. It is often important to read more relevant articles to have enough information.

Being close to Gibson with Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar

For many newcomers and for a lot of professionals too, the Epiphone series is a great alternative to the expensive Gibson’s brand line. This is even truer when speaking about the Les Paul model. The Epiphone’s variation has the traditional Les Paul sound with an open-coil (200T/650R), which eliminates all noises and help to provide the clear sound. One of the attractive features for all newcomers is the signature of the creator of the Les Paul brand.

The setup

The guitar is made of solid wood and comes with a 10W amplifier that has a 3 meters long cable. The customer will also get the chromatic tuner, guitar strap, and case for transportation. The price starts from $195 for a complete set (without shipping). For newcomers, this is a nice set because it allows starting right away.

The advantages of the product are:

  • Affordable price
  • Attractive and effective design by Les Paul
  • Perfect complete set
  • 700T / 650R Humbuckers Reel
  • eMedia software for playing on the computer if you don’t have an amp or a digital guitar processor.

For such price, the guitar has no cons. Learn more about Les Paul designed guitars here


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