What should be a CPA advisor?


     Among our employees, there are only good accountants recommended by bankers or business colleagues or registered with the Society of Certified Public Accountants in their staff.

     What is the difference between our Make My Day consultants and others? Everything is simple, while ordinary accountants employed in large companies; CPAs (certified accountants) are involved in various projects for both large and small enterprises. Thus, this title is assigned only to those who have passed a rigorous two-day national standardized test of the general sample, but with slightly different requirements depending on the state (for example, at least a university degree or postgraduate study). You can read ths information on the website

      Thus, accounting services have been divided into three broad categories:

  • registration of transactions;
  •  their assembly and the generation of income;
  •  financial reports.

What could offer our consultants to you?

    Our CPA consultants offer analysis and advice on tax matters, as well as on checking, auditing and preparing comprehensive financial statements.

     What is different Make My Day CPA from other firms? First, despite the fact that there are many accounting firms that are in demand among many entrepreneurs, Although small accounting firms are usually the best choice for entrepreneurs, the difference is that they can provide general services without a certain specialization. In addition, in addition to this, not every company has experience working with small businesses and even more so with your particular industry.

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