Transform your HTML website to an attractive platform by one click with Feedmethemes


Today we’ll speak about Feedmethemes, a service created in 2018 which helps to find the best solution for a visual part of any website. Creators offer a wide range of ready-made themes which are suitable for a great number of content categories and different platforms. Let’s find out whether it’s worth trying.

Themes for four platforms

The service offers templates for the most popular types of platforms: Drupal, Magento, HTML and WordPress. However HTML templates are more widely spread than the others, they all are beautiful and owner of any website can make a choice.

The developers made a list of preferable features too so if you need to have SASS, Retina Ready, Background Video or any other detail, just choose it together with a type and the themes will be filtered for you.

The ability to use this service for free

The main thing which we find interesting for users is the presence of free options. Of course, premium themes dominate but almost three hundred free of them can satisfy clients. Content makers who hesitate about buying can try something before and this is great. Bloggers who only begin their journey will also find it useful.

The steps to succeed

So, let’s summarize what readers should do if they are interested in Feedmethemes.

  1. Visit and get acquainted with a range of products.
  2. Click on the most important categories to filter the themes.
  3. Before downloading or purchasing – look at the number of people who have already bought this template, note the developer’s name and google everything about him/her to find the reviews, try it and wait until the first update to check if everything works well.

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